Random Miscellany, pt 979786123

1) I have some random casual work doing junk mail. The pay varies depending on the number of catalogues per box in any given week (i.e. OMG 7 catalogues! Megabucks FTW!!! You get the picture) so it’ll vary from keeping my balance sheet in the black to just in the red. I’m hoping for side effects of pumped up shoulders and legs by the time this is over.

2) The blog was out of action due to ISP issues that should never have come up. Then again, most of their staff are in Sri Lanka, so I guess you get what you pay for …

3) Playing cricket, back with the Tungstens. Haven’t bowled, not a great contribution with bat, fielding superb however. Just like old times. We’ve won 3 from 4, so it’s a good start to the season. Especially considering how bad we were in the first game that we lost.

4) I see few plus sides to Star Wars being cranked out AGAIN. I also foresee hardcore Star Wars nerds ripping their brains out due to the expanded universe continuity being shred to pieces. Most people would just ‘reboot the series’ at this point. Unfortunately, Lucas has kept Star Wars in the loop too often, and there is too much fan-investment in the expanded universe.

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