NaGaDeMon: Day 1

A simple idea

The way the game runs is similar to Say Anything. I haven’t actually played it, only seen Wil Wheaton feature it on his youtube show. Anyway, the ‘mechanic’, if you will, is that one player in a round is the judge, reads out a card, everyone else responds to the card, the judge selects the response most to his liking in secret while everyone else wagers on what the judge will select, a reveal is made and points allocated accordingly, and then the judge position rotates. Rinse, repeat, lol. The mechanic is similar to Balderdash.

My game will utilise this basic mechanic. Each round, one person will be the judge/arbiter/holder of absolute power, who will read out a card. On this card will be a question of a kind that might turn up at an election debate. To then make things interesting, each player will then draw two cards: one set of cards contains generic policies, and one set contains random phrases. Each player will then attempt to briefly answer (or non-answer!) the debate question whilst mentioning what they have on their cards. Afterwards, the judge will secretly determine the one they like, while everyone else simultaneously attempts to guess the judge’s choice, and then reveal-score-next-round. The judge is the sole arbiter of ‘what he/she likes’, and so in theory you can ignore your cards if you’re hilarious enough. Or not. It’s a party game, so rules aren’t really the primary concern here.

The way ahead

Now, I’ve got to figure out some stuff to go on cards. If you want to help, jump in. At some point, I’ll need a dinner party to test this at.


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