Inertial Motion

It’s 2007.

Which means it’s now easier for me to turn corners and begin the process of change in my life, generally. Questions of that nature in late 2006 had to wait until now due to lack of time to change momentum properly. But now, the proper time exists to curve life into new things. Plus, it’s approaching the 3 years or so that I’d told myself that I’d work here for.

A rough plan exists, and I’ve completed the few vague goals I set for those 3 years or so, and so now begins the slow process of applying force to the inertial mass of my life.

One of the things that worries me a little is certainty of future. But I think that this is a something that may not necessarily require worrying over. Unlike previous times of thought like this, I know what I would definitely like to do. And I think this time, that’s enough. So now, to go by the grace of God.

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