NaGaDeMon: Days 13-14

I think I have enough card content to test with. I was thinking about the arduous task of writing it down, when I then figured it’d be less arduous to convert them into something I could print off, reducing it to the less arduous task of cutting and pasting. I’ve now managed to convert my card content into html files which I will shortly print off and proceed to cut and paste. Well, I might paste later, as I want to get some differently coloured system cards so it’s easier to organise everything.

The plan from here is to test this out soon. If all goes well, the plan is then to send it as a, um, well, advance Christmas/wedding/engagement/(let’s face it, who needs an excuse) present, shall we say, to people whose addresses I happen to have who also happen to like games or who may happen to like this game. It is fortunate that the rules for this game are neither hard nor long. If you would like to be on the list of people I send a present to, you may want to email me your address or update a certain google doc if you were in my year at college.


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