Reunion, v2

Last time around, I began the “organisation”, to put it loosely, of the Quantum Reunion around April. Methinks that with some early locking-in of date/time/place we can get a roll out of information sooner. One thing that kept coming around was that some people apparently never heard. Early spreading of information and actually getting people to pass stuff on actively might help. I might hunt around for suggestions once things settle here – even if I restart in April, I still have a head-start. And I would rather get someone else onto organising stuff like the food and maybe even some decorations this time.

Some things working against us though – I heard on the grapevine that my man in the Unichurch office ain’t going to be there much longer. Hopefully whoever does happen to be there is equally as helpful. At least I still have last year’s master copy of the invite, so re-formatting and making more won’t be an issue.

2 Responses to “Reunion, v2”

  1. Gin says:

    Brochures going out with grad con stuff could save on postage costs…

  2. Haoran says:

    She’s a thinker!

    Lets do that.

    Although… the logistics of picking out JUST the Quantums might be hard for the database… although maybe not with the swanky new database being developed…