NaGaDeMon: Days 23-28

Most of the progress has been working out how I can produce my game in an amateur but efficient manner.

It turns out that my printer can do 200gsm paper. This is pretty much the key part. By printing the stuff directly onto the paper, it makes it a lot easier since the next step is cutting it up. This can be efficiently done with the help of a guillotine. 200gsm paper can be bought at OfficeWorks, though what colours are available at any given time may be hit and miss. Specialty shops online have either smaller or incredibly large packs, making them less suitable bang-for-buck or way-too-much. I say this for those of you who may in the future be planning to print-and-play your own set. Of course, to do that, I’d have to put up the PDF’s, which I’ll do sometime soon, probably in the non-blog part of this site (yes, it still exists).


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