Quick rate: it was alright.  Nice leave-your-brain-at-home action.

###*** usual potential spoiler alert ***###

I’d heard generally adequate to good reviews of this and so I actually wanted to see this. This is a marked difference after not seeing Casino Royale or QoS in the cinemas. I have subsequently seen them, and so I was quietly surprised that this wasn’t related to the whole Quantum storyline.

This movie plays with the whole Bond thing so much that it’s odd. The ending makes it like it’s a prequel, when we know that it’s a sequel. Clever. There are also many homages and nods to the previous 50 years of Bond – the Aston Martin, reference to the quirky Q branch gadgets, the scene with Moneypenny at the end, the quasi-Jaw-ness of Javier Bardem. The movie also plays on age. M is being asked to retire, Bond’s fitness for service – physical and mental – is questioned. This is probably as much a play on the age of the Bond series as it is a question on the value of older workers.

Overall, it’s the usual frolic through Bond killing, Bond doing impossible stunts, Bond seducing women, and Bond doing more killing. Visuals are pretty good. Just don’t catch yourself thinking too much.

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