A Symphonic Spectacular

Thanks to Kiri deciding to book out a row and having an excess ticket, the fact that my cricket game was rescheduled, and the fact that I was going to be out of the house anyway, I was fortunate to experience the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular. Experience is deliberate choice of word at this point, because that’s really what you’re being sold here. An experience of hearing various compositions of music from Doctor Who, played with relevant video on the big screen behind, along with some appearances of appropriate enemies. It’s really only suitable for fanboys and fangirls, or for people who like orchestral music. That said, it was quite good. Seeing Daleks live is an especially uncommon pleasure (probably because if it were to happen for real, it’d be an uncommon terror instead). The music itself is good. If you’re a girl, it’d probably be more emotionally engaging for you. It was also good that they also pay homage to all the previous incarnations of the Doctor, one piece showing all the reincarnation sequences that have actually made it to film (i.e., everyone except McGann (8) to Eccleston (9)), as well as all the opening sequences of the TV series. The finale (the current version of the theme song) is especially good.

It’s on for a very limited time – you have until Friday (21st). Also, be warned, there is merchandise on sale. Fan-people who lack retail self-control may suffer a relapse.

Tickets available via the Opera House. It has a fairly obvious url that I can’t be bothered linking to here.

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