This whole David Marr inspired beat-up about the religious discrimination thing in the federal government’s planned update to the anti-discrimination bill is getting friggin’ ridiculous.

By framing the debate as a kind of anti-social exclusivism, and by using the term ‘sinners’, a lot of injustice has been done to a sector that actually does a lot of good. Unfortunately, and perhaps for this purpose, all it’s done is to reinforce the stereotype of the Church raging against the fading of the light. The ACL would do well to actively NOT play to type, to issue media releases that deliberately subvert the vocab. Except that they don’t. Anyway, the news cycle up at Fairfax seems to be using whatever Jim Wallace actually said (which I believe is simply a reiteration of the status quo, rather than what their select quotes and framing might suggest) to try to dredge it back up, but I guess by now we’re hoping people just shut up. We do, however, need to change the way people actually see what’s going on. Like this use of ‘sinners’, which is simply provocative.

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