A brief theory about the spirits in 1 Pt 3

Firstly, some context.  Peter talks about suffering for doing good, referring to Isa 8, and then telling people to always have a apologia on hand about they hope they have.  I think Peter envisions a Christian getting beat up by local authorities, at which that Christian continues to talk about Jesus.  Then Peter draws on the example of Jesus and his righteous suffering.  In chapter 4, Peter resumes on the point about Jesus’ suffering.  So in many senses what’s in between is a tangent.  That’s not my theory.

My theory is that the keruxing to the imprisoned spirits is Peter showing Jesus ‘giving an answer’, drawing on whatever cosmological precursors these imprisoned spirits might be, e.g. 1 Enoch, as the audience.  I’ve got nothing but context to make this theory, and I’m not even sure it works, but it attempts to give some cause as to why Pete even started mentioning this in the first place.

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