The Reading List – Feb 18-24

1) David Tsumura’s Creation and Destruction: A Reappraisal of the ChaosKampf Theory in the Old Testament. Man, am I glad I read this book. Essentially, through some timey-wimey linguistics (many references to, for example, Ugaritic, Akkadian, morphology, etymology, …) and showing how much everyone else has been wrong, more or less, Tsumura shows that Chaoskampf is an outdated theory. Genesis isn’t referring to chaos-waters, and everywhere else is probably just straightforward metaphorical poetics. If anything, those other references are probably Divine Warrior type references, or references to how powerful God is, etc.

2) The Old Testament Pseduopigrapha, by D.R. Russell. A short introduction to some of the content of these texts. Many of them seem to follow the formula:
- take Biblical character
- make them more like Chuck Norris

3) A Brief Guide to Islam By Paul Grieve. This would be easier to read if the guy stopped comparing Islam to Christianity. I really just wanted to read something like this to get a better understanding, but the slightly polemical edge (he appears to be an agnostic or atheist) is somewhat irritating.

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