The Reading List – Mar 11 – 17

Seeing as I’d read biblical theology last week, I figured I’d switch to something systematic this week. So I picked up Gerald Bray’s relatively recent one-volume systematic theology, God is Love: A Biblical and Systematic Theology. Those in the Moore College community will know that Gerald is a frequent visitor to our shores.

This book, despite it’s large size (~740 of text) is relatively easy going. Gerald only quotes from the Bible, minimises usage of technical terms to the point of non-existence, and doesn’t talk at length about historical personae. Whilst this probably lowers the depth of discussion and will be of disappointment to those expecting discussion of any theologian of the last century and a half (e.g. Barth), nevertheless, there is a generally sufficient coverage of all the relevant issues, enough to get someone up to speed on something like the procession of the Holy Spirit.

I’d probably recommend this over Know the Truth or some such as the lay level introduction to systematics, mainly because of the overall better treatment of, well, everything (Know the Truth, for example, is ridic.stupid on the Trinity). Probably a good present for someone about to enter a theological college.

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