Random Miscellany, pt -2e+7i

1) So, my cricket team, the St James Croydon Tungstens, have won the NSWCCU B Grade Grand Final. The team has previously won titles, but only this time have I been there and been on the team to experience the win. To put the enjoyment level I am experiencing about this in context:
- we got smashed in our first game, which exposed just how underplayed and in need of immediate remedial cricket work most of us were.
- we had a good first half of season, but a scratchy second half
- we scraped through into the finals because the rain-affected washout of the last round prevented the team only two points below us an attempt at beating us
- we were 4th, meaning we had to play 3 finals – the elimination final, preliminary final, and then grand final (imagine the modern AFL and NRL finals systems, but only with 4 teams)
- we were struggling at times to get enough players in for the finals
- there were some tense moments in the run chases for each of the finals games
So basically, what I’m trying to say is, on paper, at many times this season, we didn’t deserve to win. But we did. And now, I finally get an official baggy cap.

2) In other random news, still looking. But I’m not bored, as the previous posts regarding my reading adventures may indicate.

3) In a few weeks, the soccer season starts, so I’m going to have to get my running fitness back

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