City Navigation 101: My favourite back-routes, part 4

Getting through King Georges Rd on a Saturday

During peak hour, King Georges Rd is usually fine. This is because the traffic is mostly laminar. However, during a Saturday, firstly, you lose the peak-hour-only clearways, and secondly, DFO. The first of these turns the Wiley Park rail bridge into a choke point. The second makes getting through the M4 intersection a nightmare. It’s even worse if there’s a sale on. I have thus devised the longest bypass route ever. It consists of three sections, of which one part is optional.


Part 1: Homebush and Strathfield

Note that this works for any start/end point that can involve Underwood Rd in Homebush, for example, some sort of sports event at Homebush, or the Easter Show, or even North Strathfield.

What is little known is that Underwood Rd is a fairly reliable intersection going to and from Homebush. To get out, you go on to Parramatta Rd and then head for the aptly named Bridge Rd to cross the rail bridge. You can take the reverse way also, but depending on where you came from, you can also take a sneaky turn to go onto Underwood northbound (dotted lines). Essentially, if you arrive in the main Homebush area from Strathfield in any way that involves going past the Moll’s, you can sneak onto Parramatta Rd before the right turn onto Underwood via an underpass and a left turn. Note that this works best on a weekday, because it involves getting a clear left turn with lanes to cross. It’s pretty easy, but it needs some good timing.

There are a number of ways up and down Strathfield. The main ways are marked accordingly on the second map. The dark blue dotted line gives you the option of getting back onto King Georges early, or getting off late. The getting off late option is helpful when you see traffic backed up on the Liverpool Rd overpass as you approach from Roberts Rd, which is a not-uncommon occurrence. Otherwise, the other routes go via Belfield.

Part 2: Belfield to Beverly Hills

To key to the success of this part of the trip is the fact that hardly anyone uses it. What is little know is that there is a rail bridge between Belmore and Lakemba, and that’s what makes this route work. The crossings at Belmore and Lakemba go through shopping strips, and are usually busy, whereas this one inbetween does not. The route, described southbound, takes you through the Belfield shopping strip, which is relatively easy to get through, shifting right onto the aforementioned rail bridge, down a few roundabouts and then popping up at Canterbury Rd next to the Maccas, crossing over to get to Moorefields Rd, which is where you get back on King Georges. Note that to get to my place, you can also then hop over to my other back route that goes through Narwee.

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