The Reading List – Mar 18 – 24

1) God of Promise: Introducing Covenant Theology by Michael Horton. Following up on the covenant theology business from Kingdom through Covenant. I’m entirely unconvinced of any covenant of redemption (the idea that a covenant exists within the Godhead), and I’m fairly convinced that here, the notion of covenant is expanded to the point where you may as well have a fair crack at calling any relationship of a more formal nature a covenant. This book is, nevertheless, an introductory-level book, and so I will probably start searching elsewhere in the shelf-loads of other Reformed writers for a more detailed exposition.

2) Origen in the series Early Church Fathers. An introduction and reader on this early church exegete. His allegorical interpretations are … interesting. What is also evident is his commitment to his previous scribal or grammateus training, which comes out in the fact that he was compiling the hexapla, his concern for discerning ‘prosopa’ or what we might call the implied narrator or author, and other technical details.

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