Iron Man 3

Quick rate: I didn’t have high expectations, mainly because of ’3′, but it’s actually pretty good

The third movie in a series, especially in the modern day, has tended to suck more often than not. That’s mainly because the sequels tend to be driven by the movie execs wanting to eek all the cash out of a brand as they can, and hence churn out poor, badly written sequels with actors who are probably bored or have been changed from the previous iterations. A few bad 3′s include Transformers, any direct to TV Disney sequel, Shrek, the Matrix, Tobey Maguire’s Spider-man. However, because of the generally poor history of badly done sequels, those who actually know how to write good scripts and produce a series that can actually sustain across a trilogy (or more) are starting to pop-up. The Nolan Batman series is a notable case in point, and I hope that Man of Steel proves to be of a similar calibre.

And so, we come to an actual discussion of Iron Man. Now, Iron Man 2 was okay but showing signs of ‘sequel fatigue’. And Avengers was a quasi-sequel for all everyone. Thus Iron Man 3 was kinda 3.5. In addition, in Avengers, you’d opened the in-movie universe to aliens and intergalactic intrigue. How are you going to move on from that? Additionally, all the robot combat in #2 was all very actiony but it was mostly computer. It’s related to the Superman problem. Give someone too much powers, and you end up needing ridiculous villains just to compete. If everyone else needs a suit just to go toe-to-toe with Iron Man, well, whoopty-doo.

Well, the script solution is to take away the suit. I mean, it’s not like Superman can generally voluntarily give up his powers. But you can get Tony out of his suit. The script actually does this comically, but the meta-astute like myself saw and understood. But at the end, you also saw that they’d turned this into character development too.

The other fortunate thing is that, despite the reported taking-on of the Extremis story line from the comics, they didn’t do so slavishly, and so it meant that comic geeks wouldn’t have been able to guess the storyline if they’d already been well-versed in the ways of Marvel Comics.

It is for these reasons that I enjoyed Iron Man 3 beyond the visual and action elements. But I did come away feeling I wanted more. I’m not sure of what, but I just didn’t feel quite fulfilled.

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