The Reading List – April 8 – 30

So, I decided that I’d attempt to learn to read German.

My companion was Kay Avery’s little book. You’re not going to find this outside of Moore College circles. The book itself consists of a DVD containing Shockwave presentations of Kay reading the text and explaining stuff, and 14 chapters. The book is written so that a post-grad can self-help themselves into some reading capability of German. It will require more than these 14 chapters to attain any sort of mastery of German, but it’s already helping me decrypt some article titles. The book has some flaws. Most notable is that there are some glaring vocabulary omissions when you need it. What would have been really helpful would have been some summary tables at the back, as a quick reference or as a template to aid memorisation. All in all, it’s a start, and you could probably do far worse. If you want to spend money, apparently, German Quickly is the way to go, though if you can really afford it, you should do it properly – i.e. attend some sort of class.

Anyway, I’ve put this little German side project down to return to my normal reading foci.

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