The Reading List – May 1 – 7

1) Quo Vadis Evangelicalism?, edited by Kostenberger, is a collection of presidential addresses given at ETS stretching back to its early days. I wanted to get a feel for the recent history of American evangelical theology, and I think I understand a bit more about why they harped on about inerrancy and so forth. It’s an interesting read mostly and quite informative.

2) Heinrich Bullinger and the Covenant by JW Baker. Basically, a monograph on Bullinger’s covenant theology. He conceived of there being only one covenant, and thus Christians are like the new Israel. It’s fairly clear that Bullinger has taken a fair few of his own biases and opinions and seen them in the Scripture – like thinking that the Judges period was a high point because it was quasi-republican, reflecting his own non-monarchical situation in Switzerland. Anyway, the point from here is to find more on the development of covenant thinking in Reformed theology.

3) Donald Robinson’s Faith’s Framework. Basically because I hadn’t read it yet and it’d probably be a good idea to see where Goldsworthy is coming from. It’s an easy read, and I don’t think it’s dated too much. It holds its own as a brief study on the New Testament as canon.

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  1. Mark Earngey says:


    Here’s a few more things worth checking out:
    - Garry Williams’ lecture on Adam in the Covenant of Works (
    - Rowland Ward’s book on the covenant at creation (
    - An interesting interview with Rowland Ward on his aforementioned book (

    That should keep you going for a while mate! :)


  2. Mark Earngey says:

    oh, also Jas – I just saw this new book has come out. Would be well worth reading:

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks for the tips Earngey.

    For everyone, I take tips on anything you’d like to me read, though I may not necessarily get to it.