The Reading List – May 8 – 14

1) The Pillar commentary on Philippians, by G. Walter Hansen. Basically, I needed to pull my head out and read a commentary, get back to just enjoying the Bible in detail and not just in macro layers. I think I’m going to attempt to read through all the Pillar volumes eventually, though I’d rather become too busy to be able to put that in effect. The commentary itself is decent, generally in the same vein and style that the Pillar series is known for, and Philippians is not exactly the most controversial Pauline epistle ever.

2) The John Chrysostom volume in the Early Church Fathers series, edited by Mayer and Allen. After reading Origen, I wanted to read someone in the Antiochene tradition. Unfortunately, many of these were later condemned as heretics, though perhaps out of over-zealotry of stamping out all error than for actual heresy. Chrysostom, fortunately, is not one of those! He did, however, fall prey to politiking, get ousted from being bishop of Constantinople and died in exile. Sigh. Nevertheless, you get an idea of his oratorical prowess from his homilies, and you also see his non-allegorical ways of interpreting Scripture. You also get some feel of his pastoral care from some letters included here.

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