The Reading List – May 15 – 21

Yeah, it’s early, because I finished all the books I got from the library early. Just means I get more time to do … um … something else.

1) As suggested by Earngey, God and Adam: Reformed Theology and The Creation Covenant, by Rowland Ward. This book is basically a collection of what ‘everyone’ has said about the covenant of works/nature/whatever you want to call it. It begins with a brief overview of what the heck it is, and then the other sections talk about what everyone else said. Part 2 is what was said up to 1700, arranged chronologically. Part 3 is the same time period, arranged topically. Part 4 is what representative slices of the Protestant world have said and done since. The book doesn’t present an argument. Rather, it seeks to show something of the development and different ideas that have popped up in the Reformed world regarding this covenant. Looks like I’m going to have to read The Bav to get a detailed exposition of the subject.

2) Total Church by Chester and Timmis. I haven’t actually read this. Which is actually par for the course for me, because I tend to wait for hype to settle before going after stuff. I think most of what I read here I became convinced of from my time at Barneys. My ideas regarding how church should run haven’t really changed, but its nice to have something else to refer to so that other people can get on the wavelength.

3) And the random book of the week, Holy Superheroes! by Greg Garrett. Basically, its showing how various comics demonstrate various concerns, ethical, social, and philosophical. An adequate window into the modern mythology that comes from this genre.

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