Random Miscellany, pt -7610

1) It’s been a few rounds into the soccer season. I was concerned that my fitness wasn’t going to be great. However, it seems that playing cricket and carrying several kilos worth of catalogues have maintained some level of fitness, and even made my shoulders stronger. I no longer feel like my shoulders are slumping from weakness when I get tired.

2) Over at Ministry of Game, I’m now playing Battletech, meaning that after many years, I now get to virtually go around in a big robot, blowing up other big robots. Ohhhh yeahhhhh.

3) As some of you know, I’ve moved over from churching in Croydon, and gone to Kogarah, mainly because of distance. I’m not too perturbed by the ‘worship elements’, but then, that’s just the reasonably unflappable guy that I am. They even had a surprise visit from an African pastor last week, which was cool. Reminded me of Alfred, sigh.

4) Shute Shield rugby on ABC > all other televised sport. A large part of this equation is due to 0 appearances of that Waterhouse fella or that blonde from TAB. A significant part is also that the commentary isn’t annoying, which some of the ch 7 AFL commentary can be.

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