Star Trek Into Darkness

Quick rate: high quality stuff. Recommended

One of the things I learnt at college is this thing called intertextuality. Essentially, it’s using one text to interpret another. In post-modern hands, it’s part of the project of taking the meaning of a text outside of the text itself, since the reader, via his/her various influences uses the variety of other texts to filter and read it. In the normal world of people who don’t have PhD’s in literary criticism, it’s more about seeing how texts relate to each other and can produce fuller meaning.

What I’m really trying to say is, if you’re going to watch this movie, it’d be really damn helpful if you have seen Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. What I’m also really trying to say is: when this thing comes out on Dvd, also get The Wrath of Khan and watch them together. If you have the access, get out the episode of the original series where Khan is introduced for the first time.

Apart from the clear references between the two, what it also does is assist in filling out the relationship between Spock and Kirk. Early in the movie, Kirk asks McCoy, in relation to attempting to save Spock but doing so at risk of breaching the Prime Directive, whether if Kirk and Spock were in each other’s places, what Spock would do. As it turns out in the end, much the same thing. Knowing this helps you to understand the depth of friendship between the two.

The film itself is very good. JJ Abrams is a genius, and I hope he executes the next Star Wars very well. The plot is predictable (as in, I worked out most things in advance) but is well done. There is a bit of a theme of what you would do when someone does something really bad to you, i.e. the old ‘vengeance’ vs. ‘justice’ thing, but its somewhat meh. But for those of you who care not for such trifles, its very enjoyable.

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