Random Miscellany, pt 1/9865

1) This Open2Study things seems way to easy. Each course appears to release approximately 1 hour or so of video material, each broken into sections, with a ‘pop quiz’ after each, which is just 1 multiple choice (or T/F) question, followed by an ‘assessment’ which is 5 multiple choice questions, which you have 3 attempts at. To get a ‘I finished this’ certificate, you need only pass 3 of these ‘assessments’. As I said, too easy.

2) My fitness level is now quantified. My resting heart rate is under 70, about 65-ish, which I totally was not expecting from walking 3.5 hrs a week carrying about 5kgs at a time. Given that I actually have not been out just for a run for ages makes me surprised that my cardiovascular fitness appears to have done so well. Most of my exercise has been strength-related (I usually do push-ups, crunches, lunges, etc. between reading), so I have no idea how it dropped from about 80. I should probably check my blood pressure too while I’m at it.

3) Swans FTW. There’s been enough weeks to give an assessment on the AFL ladder at the moment. Melbourne, GWS, and the Bulldogs are where we thought they’d be. St Kilda is officially in a rebuilding phase. Vossy really hasn’t done enough at Brisbane. Nth Melbourne are the new Richmond. Gold Coast have improved significantly and can at least be counted as a mid-level team that should hopefully be trying to push into the bottom of the 8 next year. Collingwood has been relegated to middle tier. Richmond, Port, and Carlton will be having a fight to see who makes it to September and who gets an early holiday. The Crows have been disappointing. West Coast are quietly sneaking back into form after some early losses. Sydney require some more consistency, which will probably come once Kurt Tippett can join the field. Freo seem to now have the ascendancy in the west. Essendon – still got the drug cloud over them, but definitely a good team. Hawthorn and Geelong are once again the top teams, and would want to convert that into a trophy at the end of the year.

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