The Reading List – June 5 – 11

Just the one book this time. Covenant Theology by Peter Golding. This is going to be the last book on this topic I’ll read for the near future – I think I’ve read enough, as you may have gathered from my previous post. This book is essentially a summary and reaffirmation of Reformed covenant theology. The historical stuff is a useful overview, and he offers some references to more recent authors, though by that I mean McComiskey and Robertson, and he commends the usefulness of this doctrine, but it’s all a bit of a rah rah. He’s fairly fulsome of his praise of Robertson, and though he commends Murray’s call for more reflection on the topic, there is little hint of where that might come from here.

The conclusion I’m drawing from all this is that there’s this section of the theological world that isn’t caught up in the worries and travails of the competing biblical theologies of dispensationalism and covenant theology, and we in Sydney happen to be in it. Thanks to MTC, Goldsworthy, and NTE and KYLC teaching our own brand of biblical theology, we’re just not caught up in this discussion, and so think that these people are weird for not thinking that there are other options. I now appreciate even more the fact that Moore College got their own special seminar and panel a few ETS’s ago about Moore College biblical theology. It’s because there’s a world that doesn’t realise we do things differently.

Anyway, I’m probably going to move on to some more generalised topics until I find my next interesting subject to tackle.

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