The Reading List – June 12 – 18

I started reading two books, but then I also got a load of PTC papers to mark. So this week, it’s just Thomas Schreiner’s Magnifying God in Christ: A Summary of New Testament Theology. This book is a cut-down summary version of his mega-volume of the same name, only without the ‘summary’ bit in the subtitle. Note, by cut-down, I really mean cut-down. It’s gone from epic-size to paperback size. Also, it’s very much a summary. Schreiner basically just tells it like it is. All the sifting through positions and stuff is left in the megabook. This book sticks to telling you what’s happening in the NT. The arrangement is thematic, and within each chapter the arrangement is roughly by book or canonical author, depending on the material. This book is the kind of book you let an educated lay person read if they want a bigger picture of what’s in the NT. Schreiner is straight, his conclusions are more or less conservative evangelical, it’s not all that hard to read. It is almost purely descriptive, so it does get boring for the likes of me, but for some people, they probably appreciate just being told and leaving the working for people with more time or headspace.

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