The Reading List – Jun 19 – 25

Well, like I said last week, finishing off marking Intro PTC papers, as well as this general dreary weather makes me less read-y. And this book has little to comment about it. Readings from the Ancient Near East edited by Bill Arnold and Bryan Beyer, part of Baker Academic’s Encountering Biblical Studies series. The EBS series is essentially a textbook series for giving grounding in biblical stuff, e.g. Psalms, OT, NT. This book is in the same vein, and is basically a reader in ANE texts that might be useful for biblical studies, organising them in categories that roughly correspond to the sections of the OT (english arrangement rather than hebrew) they might be useful for, e.g. creation epics at the start, prophetic stuff at the end. This is probably something to dip into when one wants to do more than just nod submissively when someone says the Ugaritic of somethingmajig is clearly a basis for Abraham’s thingamiwhat.

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