The Reading List – July 31 – Aug 5

Paul and Union with Christ by Con Campbell. This is a pretty easy read, well, unless you have no knowledge of Greek, in which case, you will get a little bamboozled. Even though the volume is about 450 pages, the font size and amount of space occupied by block-indented Greek text and English translation mean that you’ll actually eat through this pretty quickly, or use the opportunity to test your Greek! (Why not, Con did write another book about keeping up the Greek skills after all.)
The book is logically and clearly laid out. Starting with an intro, a review of what everyone else has said, he then moves on to a very long section of going through a lot of exegesis, followed by bringing it all together and wrapping it up. The ease of reading is as much due to the clarity of the writing as it is to the nice font size. This makes the conclusions easy to see and it’s easy to see how he gets there. Smarter people than I have written their own incisive reviews on this volume, but as for me, I’d say, a must-read for anyone studying the NT.

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