My Down-Under-cision 2013

If you’re not aware, the title refers to how The Daily Show refers to our federal election.

I’ve pretty much already made my decision about how I’ll vote in a general sense. The specifics on further preferences and especially the upper house will come later. But the general gist is, I’ll be voting for Daryl Melham, the incumbent ALP member for Banks, and in the upper house, my trend will be to go, roughly, ALP, Greens, McRandoms. If, however, the sheer size of the ballot destroys my will to live (and the amount of time I’ll have to get to a wedding later that day) I may have to resort to only the Greens at the top.

I’m not voting Liberal because their policies strike me as populist. I find that Tony Abbott resembles a child spruiking themselves in an election for school captain and promising pretty much everything. In addition, I don’t buy the argument of constantly lowering taxation and finding savings somewhere in the public service. I’m sure somewhere in there, there is red tape and bureaucracy that is unnecessary, but, red tape and bureaucracy is required to stop things like massive corporate fraud. I also find the Coalition’s climate policy incredible, in the ‘credibility’ sense of the word. The carbon tax is not bad. Also, ‘towing back the boats’? Give me a freakin’ break.

On the other hand, we found ourselves in the hard place, or the shambles known as the ALP. Yeah, their refugee solution doesn’t exactly smack of the light on the hill. And they haven’t sold themselves well on the economic management PR. But in quite a few areas, they actually did good. Remember plain packaging for tobacco products? Essentially, I find the current government the lesser of two evils.

The Greens – well, basically, they’re too left wing. But I think we need a balance of power in the Senate, especially if the Coalition receives enough seats in the lower house.

As for the new random entrants hailing out of Queensland, um, I’m really not on board.

I think I’ll be more concerned about getting through the traffic to Lane Cove than anything else that day.

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