The Wolverine

***### will there be spoilers? who knows, but this always go up here ###***

Quick rate: it ain’t bad, though you’ll need to suspend disbelief, etc.

Wolverine is perhaps one of the most interesting characters in the Marvel stable. Originally written in as another foe for the Hulk, he has grown to become one of the most iconic and recognisable of the X-men. It’s not so much that he has mutant powers, but that he’s particular mutant power – an accelerated healing factor – has made him virtually immortal. Which has meant a lot of paydirt in terms of exploring his long and checkered past.

So it’s not all that surprising that Wolverine got yet another big screen adventure. It was a little surprising that Hugh Jackman also gets lots of shirtless scenes. But anyway, the plot is, well, you know, if you’re making some big mega-plan to steal Wolverine’s healing factor (not a spoiler, it’s on the trailers), I can think of some way, way easier and less convoluted ways of doing it. I mean, did we have to go all the way through the movie before they lure Wolverine into the usual trap? What was the point of the old ‘fake death’ routine? Did the femme fatale need to be a mutant with poison powers? How come, when Wolverine’s powers are suppressed, his hands aren’t constantly bleeding from unsheathing his claws?

Look, the plot kinda does make sense, and the action is fairly good, and the movie is fine if you want to, say, dodge reality for a little while. If nothing else, it provides a good way to sneak in an intro for Days of Future Past.

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