The Reading List – Aug 20 – 26

1) Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin. I read this because of a recommendation from Juddy a few years back. Took me a while … Anyway, I see why he did. It’s a decent book, easy to read, and you can see that Bob’s experience and maturity really come through. This book is definitely worth a read, perhaps even mandatory, for anyone involved in church music.

2) John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man by Carl Trueman. Also a good read this one. I read this so as to introduce myself to the life and works of Owen before I get into it later on down the track. Reading Owen has been suggested on a number of fronts regarding my reading into covenant theology, and this volume is a good introduction. Probably because it’s written for that purpose. Trueman’s argument is that the label ‘Puritan’ doesn’t really capture Owen properly. For too long, ‘Puritan’ has been a cover-all and a byword for fundamentalism and other such perjoratives, whereas, Owen is really a product of his times, and a good product at that. The book title is reflective of his opinion – Owen was in touch with the best of theological tradition, and indeed well read in many areas, but clearly mediating them through good intelligence, the Scriptures, and the gospel.
Also, I really should have read Owen for 2nd year doctrine regarding open theism. It’s taken a few years for something closer to the platonic form of that essay to work itself out in my mind, sigh.

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