Something for the back pocket

It’s easy to reduce someone’s problems to the framework of a sermon illustration. Yet the seeming fall from grace of one of the most talented midfielders ever to hit the paddock seems to have taken it’s own dimension. First, we find out he dodged a booze bus. Then there’s various incidents of violence including one that got him sent in the back of a paddy wagon in Melbourne.

But why would someone who has enjoyed individual (he won the 2005 Brownlow and been named in the All-Australian multiple times) and team success (you know, that premiership they won … I don’t want talk about it!) want to go down the path of methamphetimine addiction? Apparently, meth gives you a sense of euphoria. He might’ve taken it at some sort of party, and then got hooked on it. Whatever it is, the news of his strange behaviour after the revelations that he had “substance abuse” problems conforms with the Wikipedia entry.

Reading that makes me sad. It is a stark reminder of the plague of sin in this world. Not even the successful are immune. Indeed, they fall hardest. There are forces in this world that will destroy your life if you let them. I hope and pray that Ben finds the one force in this life that will give him a new one if he lets him.

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