New day, New Year, new nothing

Hello, hello.

Normally, I wouldn’t be here right now. For the last 5 years, New Year has been normally doing beach mission and getting my yearly thong tan on my feet with this man. So it seems strange to be in Sydney, and at work.

I was leading a really, really small service at church on New Years Day. I walked to church in 40+ degree heat. It actually wasn’t that bad as long as I was moving. It’s when you stop and you feel the sweat and see it leaving droplets on your glasses that you know its really hot. There were about 12 of us at church eventually. We also got a new microphone, one which will eventually find its way stuck into the lectern.

I wonder how they’re doing up there in Sawtell, how the work’s been going, who it is that’s leading the Wyld section, who’s actually on team this year, whether the bush fires have done anything in that region.

And I think again to 5 years ago to what I thought about the new year. Things are still largely the same, just that we notch a particular number up by one, and I try to go to sleep, amid the annoying sound of illegal firecrackers. Urgghhh.

Yesterday, there was a power outage for about 6 hours. I know it was about that length of time because at round about 5:30am the rain started.

Yep, that was a my boring new year. It can only get better from here.

One Response to “New day, New Year, new nothing”

  1. Haoran says:

    In answer to your questions:

    Steve Miller was leading Wyld with Alex Stonehouse.

    You avoided the biggest year of weather-abuse in my memory, including:

    The most incredibly-muggiest energy-sapping days in memory for set-up day and the following day.
    Gale-force winds which half-blew down the girl’s sleeping tent and the marquee (leading to a hole in the marquee, and an exciting day of pulling it down, sleeping in the hall, re-raising it, and moving all of our stuff AGAIN).
    Blisteringly-hot days (albeit slightly cooler than 45 in Sydney)
    Torrential rainpour for the last 3 days (we had to stay an extra day to sort out tents!)

    Yah, was fun :)