Could this weekend be any busier?

Yes, it could actually.

Saturday is loaded. Really loaded.

1) Moore College Open Day and Fair

I’m kinda going so I know what the place looks like and not get lost. There may well be useful information to find there, but right now, I just want to have an idea of whereabouts I’m going when that interview in September rolls around. Plus I might bump into people I haven’t seen in ages.

2) Gary’s birthday

Wow. He’s turning 30. I know people over 30, it’s just that now it’s someone who sits next to me every working day is turning 30. He’s getting oolllld. His party is:
1) a costume party, which apart from the work Christmas junket, I haven’t been to for ages
2) on a boat, on which I similarly have not been for ages

The prospect of being stuck on a boat in the harbour for however long – not sure how I feel about that. There ain’t going to be no easy hassle-free escape for Jason this time.

3) beach mission meeting!?

Good thing I’ve officially semi-retired from mission, whatever that means. I just discovered that had I still been going, I would have had:
- issues going from Newtown to Quakers Hill
- issues of conflicting events
- brain straining from attempting to calculate this on top of work being busy
Meaning that it could actually have been busier. It would actually have made the whole day a shamozzle.

4) leading church on Sunday

And thus it shall be no “soft landing”. I’ll have to hold back enough to remain coherent on Sunday. It being a communion week (last Sunday of the month) means the service will go longer. It doesn’t help the endurance levels.

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