So today was the orientation BBQ. Or really, chance to see who else is actually coming next year, as it turned out.

One thing I’ve found out is that there are all these people ridiculously close to where I live.
Person – “So where do you live?”
Me – “Croydon”
Person – “Oh really, me too!”
Me – “Really?!!”

It was a chance to catch up with some people I hadn’t seen in ages (like Anton and Katie), people I vaguely know (Chris and Viv, Stan and his wife Clare, and Danny) as well as meet people I’d never met before (a whole bunch of Steves, an Angelo, a few Phils), and people I shall soon be living with (Nick and Steve). Sometimes, it’s frightening the number of degrees of separation there are in Sydney Christian circles, but then again, I’m somewhat used to it. Still, I wasn’t expecting there to be people there who knew Simon Jackson. Then again, he was president of the Cumbo ECU, so it’s not like he’s a small target.

Anyway, the level of intrigue increased a little on the way home, so I’ll have to follow that up. But for now, there’s Sunday to deal with, and then my last week at work. Sigh.

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