Change, part 1

There’s something about the inexorable movement of personal velocity. The first step is always the hardest, but then, you’re travelling, and then you realise that you are somewhere far from where you were. Steps are small, but steps add up, displacement grows, surrounds change, and there you are, inexorably headed in a different direction.

At the start of the year, I wrote this:

A rough plan exists, and Iíve completed the few vague goals I set for those 3 years or so, and so now begins the slow process of applying force to the inertial mass of my life.

So, there, the inertial mass that is life has been duly pushed, and now I’m going. It feels like a slow process, like the moving of glacial ice, and the start of the year seems so, well, vague and distant.

I also wrote.

So now, to go by the grace of God.

So, there, here I am, and there I’ll be, all in the grace of God. I’ve never been good at saying goodbye, but somehow this I think will be worse than most – friendships built up all the way within a period of 8 years 5 months don’t go away easily, nor will, nor should they, God willing. The grace of God will continue, and I’m sure things will all turn out for good. But the tug of emotional flux pulls hard. Emotional flux will be pushing differently on Monday, but one step at a time, eh?

One Response to “Change, part 1”

  1. Haoran says:

    The trick, I find is like fishing in reverse. You cast multiple lines out, and various fish will snag you, dragging you along (Moby Dick-like) and in this way you affect which directions your dragged in, cutting lines and reeling in lines as you go.

    The people I admire (but would not emulate) are those who are inertia-less; who make life-changing decisions on a whim, and end up with an eclectic life.