Random Miscellany, part 0.22246706319874

1) Wow, blink and you miss the cricket. Then again, cricket on Sunday didn’t happen due to that storm and subsequent rain, so, oh well.

2) I don’t mind so much that my laptop is heavier but more powerful rather than lighter and less so. Then again, I think the key is having a good bag, which is making all the difference. I hate those shoulder slung laptop bags.

3) I’ve thoroughly forgotten work, and I think in time my 1337 python skillz will fade …

4) … Then again, I’m picking up or reviving old skills.

5) Someone out there needs to use bookmarks instead of searching for my site every single time.

One Response to “Random Miscellany, part 0.22246706319874”

  1. Haoran says:

    (3) As long as you’ve got some PHP and can pick up Ruby/Rails, then you’ll be fine. Keep honing your skills on the TBA Quantums projects.