The whirlwind

A short chronicle of a quick and quite tiring 2 weeks, where by short, I mean, in the sense of “The Shorter Oxford Dictionary”, which comprises 2 volumes.

So I turn up fairly early on Monday morning, just past 9 actually. There’s not many people there, and well, stuff immediately happens. I meet some Cathedral staff, and then there’s this overseas guy there who wants to know about Christianity. I take him through 2wtl but he has various questions, some of which are … hmmm, curiously bent. The rest of the day is occupied with random amounts of stuff, limited by the computing resources at my disposal.

So, next day I bring my laptop. Much better. Judging by a few things, it’s quite possibly the best piece of computing in the office, unless the server has better specs. Tuesday is a busy day – Bible study to prep for Bible study that night, scooping pre-CBS (in which we had conversations with Muslim guys), CBS itself, lunch, CBS debrief, training time with Phillip including Greek, and Workers Bible Study. To make it somewhat random, I’m instructed to take some newer guys on 2wtl again.

Wednesday, I meet with that overseas guy again, but he doesn’t believe God created the world, so it feels like I’ve just taken 10 steps back with this guy. Limmo and I go see Beowulf in the arvo to help rebalance my out of whack emotional sync.

Thursday isn’t overly exciting. Meeting about strategy for the future, thinking about getting more people into church, that kind of thing, and then Introducing God at night. I haven’t been to that before, so it was rather informative. Whilst I’ve been to some nights of Alpha, it just never really worked for me.

Friday, I get a little further with the overseas guy, but I’m starting to see where the roadblocks are. After that, it’s mostly dealing with Excel.

Sunday, I get my first taste of morning church. There’s quite a lot of people there, and I get to meet some people I haven’t seen in ages upon ages. At the leaders meeting, I get my first inkling that things might not be really organised for Christmas. Sunday Bible Study goes ok – I’m at the welcome group again, and there are these 2 Korean guys who pretty much came off the plane. Sermon that night is on Isaiah 53 (doing prophecies about Jesus, in fitting with the season), which I think was quite well done, especially with talking about the context in Isaiah.

Monday again, and I decide to try to confront the motivations of this guy. I conclude that he’s basically only trying to do this as “religion”, not trust in God, wanting to be “part of the club”, not part of God’s people, and that he doesn’t understand any of this at all. Monday proceeds with being handed coordination duty for Christmas. Part of me inside dreads it because, well, it’s less than a week to go …

Tuesday is busy busy busy again. This time, the day starts with leafleting in Pyrmont. It’s a muggy day which doesn’t help, but conversations with Matt and Joe are helpful on many different levels. More CBS, but less interesting conversations on the square. More training time, and more Bible study.

Wednesday I start to get a grip on the things that need to be done. Being only a week and a half into my “job”, though, hampers my ability to know all the things that need to be done. In particular, I discover the joys of lack of communication between agents. Sigh. Church ministry does need task type people.

Thursday, the aforementioned “joy” hits one climax, as I have to scramble to avert a disaster. Frack. Introducing God concludes, with some people on the table I was on getting copies of Chappo’s Fresh Start.

Friday, I get to meet Colin Buchanon. I’ve also gotten various things down for some other stuff I’m “organising”. And then I scramble to avert even more disaster. By the end of that day, I’m am so very tired from all the scrambling. We’ll just wait and see how Sunday turns out (tiring, I expect).

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