Velocity: a change of place

Officially, I’ve had 3 Sundays and 3 SBS’s, though 1 of those Sundays was a while ago (in “visiting” era), 2 of those SBS’s were in that same period, what would have been the fourth today was a BBQ, and today was a Christmas special, with different arrangements.

Yet despite this I’m getting used to the place. So I guess one of the aims of two weeks of familiarisation has worked. I’m familiar with layouts, toilet locations, driving there and back. I’m beginning to get to know people – well, I know the key people, but it’s everyone else which will take time. It puts some pressure off though, knowing that I’ve begun to establish good relationships already. And it makes my previous good-byes much more apparent. I’ve felt temptation, but no solid tugs back. Hmm.

What else is in store? Christmas hasn’t finished yet, so it’s still sometime to survive until I can turn thoughts to a new year and actual relaxing.

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