And finally, some rest

So, at last, I’m finally on holiday.

It feels a lot better – I sleep in a lot more now, and I know when I wake up I don’t particularly have to be somewhere, unless it’s Sunday, but that’s 1 day in a week, and that can be coped with.

What else have I been doing? Watching cricket, of course. Some computer games, but I’m trying to keep that down. Mostly with TV watching and reading of several different books – some Sci-fi mixed with stuff to keep my mind a little warm for college (I’m still getting through Calvin). I do love me a post-Christmas sale to top up the bookshelf. Though, to accommodate space in that bookshelf, I started cleaning stuff out and chucking a whole lot of crapola. I’ll be continuing the clean-out efforts, until they morph into packing efforts in late Jan. By then, I’ll probably be cleaning out a lot of the house as well.

After New Years, there’ll be some live cricket watching to start the year off. Apart from that, still don’t have plans, and I actually like it that way.

I guess there’s also an element of waiting too. There are some things you just aren’t sure how they are going to turn out, no matter what you do or say. You just kinda have to sit back and wait for an answer. 2008 is going to be a way different year to 2007.

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