On wedges inadvertent

One of the pleasures of doing my two week work experience stint before Christmas was that I got to listen to Philip talk on various possibly important topics. One thing that he said now sticks out more than ever.

He said that one shouldn’t volunteer that one had done MTS somewhere (not applicable in my case), because it creates a hard to see rift between those who have been trainees and those who have not. While those who have done MTS have been able to benefit from their experience, one must be careful not to alienate those around them and split the class into people who look like they know more stuff, and people who might become jealous perhaps of them. I guess no one else gave out that advice as I often hear the phrase “did MTS at” as an answer to “What were you doing before this?”. But I guess what’s biting me today is one peculiar quirk which is a result of not everyone having done MTS. I know myself that Philip takes his trainees through Wenham as part of training time, and it seems he is not alone (in principle anyhow). So with Greek being upon us, there is now a very visible difference between those who have done quite a bit of Greek training, and the rest of us. So group study is already awkward now, since the playing field isn’t level. I’m sure it’ll get better as the year progresses, but if these guys already turn me off now, I’m going to be harbouring hidden feelings that prevent me from wanting to group study with these guys later on. And that I don’t want.

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