Maybe I’m too efficient

With a week of break nearly out, I’ve found that I’ve spent it mostly:

1) working on Greek and Hebrew, especially the latter
2) working on my sermon
3) reading a mix of stuff, most of it not lecture prescribed
4) wondering when the generally cloudy weather will stop

Well, Hebrew is showing a marked improvement, especially vocab. My sermon is pretty much done. I’ve even recorded myself so I can see what I sound like and get a decent timing. Reading has been quite enjoyable, mostly because quite a bit of this stuff is reading for self-edification. As an example, I’m reading some introductory philosophy so I won’t be caught completely off guard when that starts, and I’m reading some early church history for much the same reason. What I’m enjoying most is A Biblical History of Israel. This is a recommended but not set reading for OT. The first section, which I’m nearly through, is basically a thorough denouncement on the historical work that has proclaimed Biblical history to be dead, why it’s bad history work, and a good introduction on how we know what we know of history.

Anyway, next week is going to be spent back home mostly. I’m going to attempt to arrange hook-ups, not sure how well that will go, but if you get a phone call from me, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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