Iron Man

***### Usual potential spoiler alert ###***

Quick rate – pretty good. Fun, good pacing.

First up, I know stuff about Iron Man because of my Vs. playing days, and general Wikipedia-ing. The story doesn’t really diverge much from the basic origin story, just modernised and with the Mandarin taken out.

The movie is a pretty good flick. It’s got that mix of action and ‘hero development’, only Tony Stark isn’t the broody type like Bruce Wayne. The pacing is good – the movie itself goes 2 hours, but you don’t notice it. Robert Downey Jr. is a good choice for the leading role. I didn’t know Gwyneth Paltrow was in it till I saw ads, but she’s alright.

The suit is pretty nice – it looks like it’s based off the Adi Granov suit design.

Plot line is mostly predictable, but then, these types of movies aren’t well known for their M. Night Shyamalan type twists.

There’s a scene after the credits which, to enjoy maximum pleasure, you would have to be knowledgeable of the Marvel series, The Ultimates.

Overall, good movie. Damn good movie.

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