Trinitarian Transformers, revised

In a former post, I began various thoughts about using Transformer analogies for the various trinitarian and Christological heresies of the early church, and sometimes still prevalent.

Since then, I’ve expanded the range of uses.

I’ll recap the ones I already did:
1) Modalism – God is one, and the ‘Son’ and the ‘Spirit’ are simply modes of operation.
Analogy – the Triple-changer, eg. Blitz-wing.
How it works: The idea of Modalism is that to maintain the unity and oneness of God, you have the one God who simply uses different ‘modes’ or masks, or as I posit, transformations, if you will depending on how he is revealing himself. The various problems with this include God sitting at his own right hand, the Father being crucified, etc. The most obvious is how it is that God is present in multiple modes at the same time. Blitzwing is a robot, tank and plane, but he is never a tank and a plane at the same time.

2) Arianism – there was a time when the Son was not. ie. Jesus is another god, yet is also to be revered as God.
Analogy – God is a gestalt, like Devastator
How it works: To maintain the divinity of the Son, some argue that there is a plurality in the Godhead and that the Son is another God. So this was the Arian position, and it’s been revived under the JW’s. I’m saying that this is kinda like one of the combiners. But this undermines the essential oneness of God, and the ability of Jesus to save.

3) Adoptionist Monarchianism – Jesus was just a guy who at his baptism was ‘powered up’ by God adopting him to be “the Christ”, not God from birth.
Analogy – Jesus is a Powermaster. His divine attributes only come when he powerlinks with the powermaster unit, but otherwise he is just a normal transformer who God happened to like enough to grant him a powermaster.

4) Docetism – Jesus only appeared to be human
Analogy – Jesus is a Transformer. He’s not actually a car, or whatever transform mode, he just appears to be. ‘More than meets the eye’. Also, there are the not often referred ‘pretender’ series. Then there’s Punch and Counter-punch.

5) Apollorinarism – Jesus has a human body, but a divine mind/soul
Analogy – Jesus is a Headmaster. I think you can tell where I’m going with this.

6) Nestorianism – Jesus has two distinct personae, rather than two (divine and human) natures.
Analogy – Jesus is a Duocon. Duocons are Decepticons that are formed of halves – one is a ground vehicle, the other is a air vehicle. They transform into robot mode by combining.

7) Monophysitism – Jesus’ humanity is so swallowed, confused into the divine that it practically isn’t there.
Analogy – Jesus is like Fortress Maximus – he theoretically has Spike Witwicky as the Headmaster of the head – Cerebro. But when you think of Fortress Maximus, you don’t really think of this small human element …

8 ) Gnostic and vaguely neo-platonic ideas about God – There is a “Ultimate being” which exists in the perfect “soul world” or something like that. This being doesn’t actually do much. Matter (which is evil) is created by a lower “emanation” of this Ultimate being. This emanation (demiurge) is but one of other emanations, such as logos and sophia (wisdom).
Analogy – God is Soundwave. He launches Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak, and maybe various others, who are like his emanations. Usually, Soundwave just sits there, with his emotionless computer-synth-modded voice, while he lets his cassette bots do the dirty work.

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  1. Stan says:

    I love it mate… I love transformers

  2. Reuben says:

    Mate, if j-wood’s lectures this morning included such insightful instruction I’d be a happy man.

    there’s possibly a wacky children’s book in this too…?

  3. Haoran says:


    Theology has never been simpler!