Life imitating sport, and other college randomness

So the Moore OzTag origin match ended with NSW city beating NSW country + randoms in “golden point extra time”, and then Qld beat NSW by, ummm, well before any mention of “full time”.

OzTag is different. I’ve spent the last half a year figuring out touch footy, and now I’ve got to adjust to trying to snatch one of two slim pieces of fabric and playing more like league, a game which I quite despise. Still, I scored 2 tries and actually managed to take the tags off in a series of 3 consecutive plays from the marking position. So it was alright, and maybe Chappo can come back in the next few weeks.

In other news, there’s a chess comp, so I’ll finally get to flex those grey cells again. Not really up on openings though I’m not really expecting to get anything out of the ordinary here.

Also, the Senior Students have been taking nominations for various “olympic” events of Moore college, such as smallest word count (apparently Ben Beilharz, of whom some readers may know, has the record at 27 words for an exegetical), closest time to 5pm to hand in an assignment, and also shortest time to finish an exam. When that last one gets mentioned, there’s always people looking for me. We’ll see if anyone beat 12 minutes for Summer Greek and 36 minutes for the half year.

One Response to “Life imitating sport, and other college randomness”

  1. Dave Miers says:

    serious request: can you please sit my greek exam? (the final, not the principle parts one)