It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine

Well, in one more week, lectures will be over, and I’ll be hitting exams. It seems a little weird that just over a year ago, I was preparing myself for a time ahead that I didn’t really expect much out of, was still in my own little world over in Croydon, and well, trying to guess at what might happen next (aside from Jesus’ return, whenever that may be).

I’m still struggling with that thing called ‘future’. But as least parts have become unconcealed. Other things remain indeterminate. Like exams, but I’m not worried. And some parts of the picture have changed. And maybe I should think about Christmas presents sometime soon.

With another birthday approaching, I’m still working out if I’ll think of it the same. Life feels different, different in a more confronting way this year. Up to now, each year has been the same as the last, but now at last I see something I need to work to, and it will not be easy, and I wonder what I will become in a few years time. Concerned, but not quite worried. Not yet. Or maybe the coming days will give in to the relaxation of holidays, and I’ll stop being so broody. Hmm.

This whole matter would work a lot easier if more things get unconcealed, and eyes to perceive.

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