Just what is my Exodus?

I’ve been wanting to explain the whole exodus thing for some time.

Most of my email addresses involve that word.

So here goes:

Jason’s Exodus:

1) Jesus is my Exodus.

2) My personal escape.

From a theological point of view, the Exodus event in Egypt was the defining moment when Israel and Egypt knew that Yahweh was God, and that he had saved a people for himself with his mighty hand. It was of such magnitude and so history-defining that you would say ‘As the Lord lives who brought his people out of Egypt’. For Israel, the sweep of those events, the plagues, the trip through the Red Sea, the forming of the covenant at Sinai, created them as a nation. They were God’s people.

And now, Jesus has fulfilled these things. In the Transfiguration, Moses and Elijah talk to Jesus about his ‘Exodus’ which he was to do in Jerusalem. Jesus’ death and resurrection, like the Exodus event, created a new people of God, this time by the blood of Christ. It revealed the glory of God in a way that hadn’t been done before.

Jesus is my Exodus. He is my salvation, my redemption, my freedom from that which holds me back and enslaves me, the one who makes me a part of his people. He is my Exodus.

But this blog also serves as an exodus of sorts. Literally rendered, an exodus is an exit. This is an exit for the thoughts in my mind, something to let out what I want to say. I don’t care too much that not many are going to read this. I care that I don’t need to cradle all these things in my head for too long now.

till next time.

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