Read this.

Then ask the question – What’s the thing they haven’t mentioned?

What do you do with the test afterwards?
If you don’t like the answer to that, maybe you should go to

### UPDATE ###

Well, someone with a line into the opinion pages has lit up the ghost – read here

One Response to “Ghost”

  1. Interesting euphemism – ‘halve the number of babies born with the incurable genetic condition.’ I wonder if people read this and think that ‘science’ has some way to change the genes and cure down syndrome in the womb.

    This is really sad stuff. I reckon our heart needs to go out to the families that discover, either sometime during a pregnancy or when a child is born, that their child will have down syndrome or other serious condition. In the light of the ‘free money for new lives’ campaign, I’ve been wondering if there is anything that God’s people can do to help these families in the wider community, or will we soon see the situation that only Christian (and maybe muslim/hindu) people in our country will give birth to, raise, and love, children such as these.