Holiday Chronicle

A few weeks ago, Snowy and I hatched a plan to have a holiday some time after SPRTE. We figured that some sort of holiday house near a beach might be a good place, I knew about one, asked a few questions, and everything was set except getting other people to join us.

Day 1
Snowy rocked up at my place with his van. We loaded up and off we went.

As we drove up to Avoca, we were greeted by showers on the way through, but they cleared up by the time we got to Erina Fair, at which we began our shopping adventure. Now, the thing about Erina Fair is that it’s very big because pretty much every shop is on the one level. The other floors were parking space. So we got to the other end where there was an Aldi and a Woolies and got shopping. Aldi is funny because of the strange and wonderful products they had. We picked up “Choco Pillows” and “Choco Flakes” for breakfast cereal, for instance. We then went to Woolies to get some other stuff, after which we were met by the self-service checkout. It’s not difficult, but we were constantly frustrated by the demands to “put item into bag” and waiting for it to register that we had. We then celebrated our victory over the tyrannical self-service checkout with a hot chocolate and a hot cinnamon donut. Hmmm.

We made it to the Oakley’s place in Avoca. Snowy’s van somehow made it up the driveway (if you know the place, you might be more than a little amazed that it actually made it up the driveway after the wet weather). The first thing we noticed was the myriad cobwebs just randomly being everywhere. The second thing we did was to have a celebratory “Victory Milo”, since we’d both brought up tins of Milo. Once we got those cleared up, we settled in for dinner and then some TV time.

Day 2
Snowy and I decided to walk down to the beach. We got there, and then my mobile rang (Snowy’s was completely out of reception from about the Hawkesbury onwards) – it was the Moll-man on Doug’s phone, and they’d just got there. Snowy was worried about having to walk back to let them in, but then we discovered that they were close to the beach. So we met, and had some fun times at Avoca beach.

Post-lunch was mostly game playing, and playing of Risk as we had pizzas courtesy of Snowy. I managed to retire earlier than the rest due to the fact that I was eliminated first.

Day 3
The Moll-man had to leave early, so Snowy drove him to the station and then went for a surf while Doug and I chatted about stuff over breakfast while we waited for him. Before we knew it it was 12, Snowy was back, and lunch needed figuring out. So we went for a drive, found a Coles, bought stuff, had lunch, and began to enjoy the arvo. Tania arrived at some point and watched as we continued our game of Guillotine, and then joined in for the next game.

Doug had to leave so I made an early dinner which turned out fine (I was half-improvising some stuff and wasn’t sure how it’d go.) We farewelled Doug, and then proceeded to have a double feature – The Prestige, followed by The Shawshank Redemption.

Day 4
We all went down to the beach, had drinks at a cafe, and then split between me reading and Snowy and Tania going for a walk down the beach. The ginger-ness was too hard to spot so I had to locate Snowy’s bright blue towel to know where they were. After about 50 minutes, I’d finished 2 chapters and had lost sight of them, so I decided to head back. They’d probably seen me go or noticed I’d left as they intercepted me on the way back.

We played a few games into the afternoon, and then Tania went. It was now me and Snowy and a Mexican Fiesta to sink down.

Day 5

The Choco Pillows got cleaned up, and so did various aspects of the house. We finished it off with a Grand Victory Milo (ask us later), completed the clean-up, and went home. As we began, so it ended – raining on the F3.

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