Anglicans In Australia by Tom Frame

I’m quite fascinated by history. I think it’s related to my love of stories – it’s narrative and context. You might see more of that in the next post that comes up.

Earlier this year I got this book to read. I finally got around to it on holiday at the Central Coast a few weeks ago.

This book is not really a history of Anglicanism in Australia. The book has 3 parts. Part 1 is historical background. Part 2 talks about the present climate, under the banner of several crises. Part 3 looks at possible futures and directions. Essentially, it’s more of an “explain by narrative”, something I’m quite familiar with. That is, it’s answering the question “What is Anglicanism like in Australia?” by meandering around ala “Well, see, it’s like this – when we started …. and then there was that time when …. and well, we’re thinking of doing this ….”

This book is well written, with a good pace. It’s not polemical, mostly descriptive without any appearance of bias to any of the factions. For that reason alone I’d recommend reading it – though that’s not to say that other pieces are not worth it. It’s probably a better thing not to stay comfortable all the time by only dealing with what “your camp” is always producing. It’s fairly informative and it’ll help fill you in on the background context you never knew if you ever had to deal with Australian Anglican politics. That said, as a popular-level book that attempts to cover Australian Anglican experience as a whole, you’re not going to get many nitty-gritty details, but I guess that’s what further reading is for. But to give you a broad backgrounding, it’s pretty sweet.

I’d recommend this book especially if you’re about to do Church History 4 (Australian church history)* or about to enter Australian Anglican politics and have no idea what the heck is going on. Or just have no idea what the heck is going on. Definitely worth a read.

* Tania, after encountering this book, apparently had a dream in which she had forgotten to do a Church History 4 essay, but she didn’t do that subject, so it was all ok. Assuming she passed ….


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