God and Transformers

Part of the whole Doctrine 1 subject I did last term was a discussion on the trinity.

It makes the point that all illustrations about God, eg. 3-leaf clover, 3 phases of water, etc., are inherently wrong.

I decided I needed a newer, hipper, yet nonetheless equally wrong illustration for the triune God.

I’ve been watching various series of the ‘new’ transformers series, which to me are all rather silly, except perhaps for Transformers Energon, and I was inspired by my old memory of the original transformers.

Modalism – God is a triple-changer, like Blitzwing or Astrotrain

Modalism basically says that there isn’t really a trinity, rather there is one God who shows different aspects of himself for different stuff. Or, that God is a triple-changer, with robot mode (Father), vehicle mode 1 (Son), and vehicle mode 2 (Spirit). Most illustrations make this mistake, such as the water, steam, ice illustration. It’s heretical because it denies the distinction of Father, Son and Spirit.

Some -ism whose name escapes me because -isms are stupid – God is like the Constructicons – “merge to form … Devastator!”

Firstly, Devastator is cool. Sure, he’s outclassed by each succeeding generation of sub-group gestalt robots. Sure, a good hit by Perceptor can take him out before he’s fully merged. But he was the first. And he whooped Autobot ass.

Now to the point. The complete opposite to Modalism is that there are not 1 but 3 distinct gods, all of whom are somehow God. Like the Constructicons. There are 6 Constructicons, and they are all equally a part of Devastator. They are not individually Devastator, but together they are Devastator. They are individually only parts of Devastator. The thing is, firstly, there is 1 God. Secondly, Jesus says that when you see him you see the Father also. If what we see is something that may or may not be the same as God the Father, how can we say that we see the Father in seeing Jesus? A variation on this is that God has 3 parts, like brain, arm and heart, and each bit kinda does something different but are all a part of God. This however diminishes the distinction within the Godhead and the fullness of deity of each person of the Trinity.

This material could be variously funny if ever I get into a nerdy bible study again. Sigh.

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